Stop Merchant Cash Lenders From Crippling Your Company’s Cash Flow.
We may be able to reduce your payments by up to 70% with our business debt relief program.
What we can
Let Business Debt Adjusters Help You
Reduce daily collection calls
Consolidate payments to one company instead of many
Negotiate a lower fixed monthly payment
Secure a traditional bank loan or line of credit
Improve and manage your cash flow
Get your business get out of hardship once and for all
Fast Business Debt Relief
Our services provide instant relief. We work with you and your merchant cash lender to lower your payment obligations. Your business will see immediate increases in cash flow.
Expanded Terms
We renegotiate the payment terms and can often arrange for MONTHLY payments, instead of burdensome daily drafts.
Alternative to Bankruptcy
We are the last alternative to bankruptcy for many struggling businesses. Let us save your livelihood.
real stories
Fred Greeninger
February 19, 2021.
Dewayne Callaham has been helpful and answered all my questions during this process and very polite.
Kamille Jarjour
January 6, 2021.
This company is very helpful. G, one of the managers walked us through, helped our situation, and did a one-on-one assistance. Along with her nice team, could find a way to restructure your economic injury. You won't be disappointed.
December 26, 2020.
I usually do not leave reviews because often time it is time consuming and we tend to forget a lot to share our experience publicly. But for this time, I feel the obligation to let the whole world know that there is an amazing team of people who are eager to help you with your financial goals. Oh my God, if not the Business Debt Adjusters and the Credito Relief companies, my whole dream would been destroyed in peaces, and I would have become the modern slave for all these merchant solution groups. Thanks to the team of these wonderful people like Steven, Tony and Sophie, I have been fulfilling my dream and at least being able to allocate my time and money wisely. Please, take my words, these people are the wolf of the negotiations and will get you the best settlement and option out of any deal. You will be surprised, thankful and blessed having work with them. Thanks God to such a great opportunity to work with them.
Stephen Rodriguez
December 24, 2020.
From day one Steven of Business Debt Adjusters has done nothing but carefully and compassionately guided me through our business debt consolidation. He has always been available when I have needed him most and has helped move things along behind the scenes. I can honestly say that without his guidance and support, I would not have been able to work my way into a better financial situation for both myself and my business. He helped me see the absolute need to get out of debt and I can honestly say that without that guidance, my business would be in serious jeopardy. Steven, if you’re reading this I can’t thank you enough for your help.
December 23, 2020.
Steve did a awesome job helping me out thank you
December 23, 2020.
Steven Yuzef was very helpful and explained the entire process in detail. He answered all my questions and was always available if I needed anything. I would definitely recommend Business Debt Adjusters if your business is struggling with MCAs.
Diet Alert Inc
November 5, 2020.
October 28, 2020.
Everyone in organization has been very helpful especially Gonenc Eddy
John Carta
October 13, 2020.
Phenomenal! Spectacular! Incredible! More good adjectives, incredible again! These people are who you need!
October 6, 2020.
Rep was very helpful and understanding. Also was very informative on ways that they can help. I was very pleased.
Merchant Cash Advances Can Ruin Your Business

Merchant Advances may seem like a good idea when your business is in a cash crunch, but in the long run, it can actually destroy your business. Advances typically have high interest rates, outrageous fees, and fixed daily payments that starve your business of its much needed cash flow. Oftentimes leaving you with no choice, but to take out more cash advances to pay for the first one.

This is the cash advance trap! Stop stacking your cash advances. Let us help you get out of the endless debt cycle before your advances force your business to go bankrupt.

Need help?
If Your Business Is Experiencing Any Of These Things, Call Business Debt Adjusters Today! Toll Free (877) 817‑0404
Daily collection calls?
Falling behind on equipment lease payments?
Falling behind on a mortgage or car payments?
Using personal assets to secure an advance for your business?
Failure to meet crucial payroll obligations?
Personal and or business bank accounts in the red?
Benefits Of Our Business Debt Relief Program
Fewer Collection Calls
Hiding from the endless phone calls doesn’t work. We immediately let your lenders know we are representing you. All further contact is addressed to us, eliminating constant harassment from collectors and giving you much needed peace of mind.
Custom-Tailored Programs
We know that every company has a unique financial situation. Therefore, successful business debt settlements require customized programs. We have experience with the nation’s largest lenders. We execute the best strategies to create reduced payment plans or settle your debts for a reduced principal balance.
Reduced Flexible Payments
Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. We can often settle for half of what you owe now, and extend your payments terms, saving you thousands of dollars. Of course, we can’t predict the exact amount we can reduce your business debt, but take a look at some of our real results below.
Don’t Let Merchant Cash Lenders Threaten Your Livelihood.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What does Business Debt Adjusters do?
We are a business debt settlement company that specializes in negotiating down our client's debt obligations. We can usually restructure or settle your Merchant Cash Advance debt (and other merchant debts) for significantly reduced sums.
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How long does the program take?
The program can take anywhere from 3 to 24 months, depending on the specific needs and financial situation of the client. We can work out a payment plan to improve your business’ cash flow, as well as set aside funds to effectively negotiate with your lenders. In general, we can usually negotiate lower settlements when the terms are shorter.
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How much does it cost?
We collect a small enrollment fee when we begin working on your accounts and contacting your lenders. The majority of our compensation is earned through a service fee, which is based on the portion of money we save you with our program. If we do not save you any money or we are unable to settle your debts, the funds in your trust account will be returned. This way, you can rest assure that we are fully incentivized and motivated to save your business as much money as possible.
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Are you a law firm?
No, we are not a law firm and we do not provide legal advice. However, we are affiliated with a nationwide network of attorneys that assist us when necessary.
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Why do I need you?
Are you taking more than one advance at a time in an attempt to pay back your previous advances? When you finish paying back one advance, do you need to take another right away just to keep your doors open? If so, you may be stuck in a cycle that could eventually lead to bankruptcy. Don’t become a victim to the merchant advance cycle. Let us help you save your business.
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How are you different?
Business Debt Adjusters is not a lender. We are a business debt settlement company. We advocate for your business against the lenders. We work to get your payments reduced to an amount you can actually afford, or even have the balance decrease.
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