Stop Merchant cash lenders
from choking your company’s cash flow

We may be able
to reduce your payments
by up to 70%

  • We’ll help reduce the daily collection calls
  • We put you on a lower fixed monthly payment, freeing up cash flow and help you budget.
  • We may be able to help you get a traditional bank loan or line of credit
  • We provide confidential and customized debt relief for your business
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Instant Relief

Our results will be felt instantly. We will work with you and your merchant cash lender to lower your payment obligations. Your business will see immediate increases in cash flow.

Expanded Terms

We renegotiate the terms and can often arrange for MONTHLY, not daily, payments.

Alternative to Bankruptcy

For many businesses, we are the last alternative to bankruptcy. Let us save your livelihood.

Cash advances
can be bad for your business

Cash Advances may have seemed like the answer when your business was in a cash crunch, but in the long-term, merchant cash advances can destroy your business. The high interest rates, outrageous fees, and fixed daily payments starve your business of its much needed cash flow, many times leaving you no choice but to take out another cash advance on top of the first.
This is the cash advance trap! Stop stacking your cash advances and let us help you get out once and for all before these merchant cash advances kill your business!

Do you really need our help?

If any of these things are happening to your business, call today! Toll Free (877) 817‑0404

  • Daily collection calls?
  • Falling behind on equipment lease payments?
  • Falling behind on a mortgage or car payments?
  • Using personal assets to secure an advance for your business?
  • Failure to meet crucial payroll obligations?
  • Personal and/or business bank accounts in the red?

Don’t let your merchant cash lender threaten your livelihood.

Benefits of our program

We help reduce collector calls

Hiding from the problem doesn’t work. We contact your lenders immediately and let them know we are representing you. Further contact is addressed to us, giving you much needed peace of mind.

Custom tailored programs

Successful merchant cash settlements require custom tailored programs; we have experience with the nation’s largest lenders. We execute the best strategies possible to create reduced payment plans or settle the debts for a reduced principle balnce.

Reduced flexible payments

Cash flow is crucial for your business. We can often settle for as little as half of what you owe now, and stretch out your payments terms, saving you thousands of dollars. Of course, we can’t predict exactly how much we will be able to reduce your debt, but take a look at the Real Results below.

Real stories. Real results.

Total Debt $60,444Paid $30,000

Total Debt $6,517Paid $2,800

Total Debt $3,622Paid $1,100

Total Debt $22,222Paid $12,000

Frequently asked questions

What do you do?

We are a company that specializes in negotiating down our client’s debts. We are usually able to restructure or settle your Merchant Cash Advance debt (and other business debt) for significantly reduced sums.

How long does the program take?

That depends on what you can apply to the program. We can work out a payment plan that will help your cash flow as well as set aside enough money so we can effectively negotiate with your lenders.
The program can take anywhere from 3 to 24 months. In general, we are usually able to negotiate lower settlements when the terms are shorter.

How much does it cost?

We charge an enrollment fee to begin working on your accounts and contact your lenders but the majority of our fees we earn by charging a service fee for the portion of the money we save you, If we do not save you anything or are unable to settle the debt, the money in your trust account will be returned to you. This way we are incentivized and motivated to save you as much as possible.

Are you a Law Firm?

We are not a Law Firm and we do not provide legal advice. However, we are affiliated with a nationwide network of attorneys that can assist us when necessary.

Why do I need you?

Are you taking more than one advance at a time in an attempt to pay back your previous advances? When you finish paying back one advance, do you need to take another right away just to keep your doors open? If so, you may be stuck in a cycle that may eventually lead to you having to shutter your doors. Let us help you.

How are you different?

We are not a lender; We are a business debt settlement company. We advocate for your business against the lenders and work to get your payments reduced to a number you can afford or even get the balance decreased.

Don’t let your merchant cash lender threaten your livelihood.

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